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Spring Camp

The McKinney North Stars invite current hockey players to attend its Development Camp and Showcase. Designed mainly for travel hockey players--exception is for young players--and those players looking to make a travel team for the 2020-21 season, the 10u-16u camp combines skill sessions with full-ice games with refs and half-ice games with half-ice boards for 10u through 16u to provide a good combination of player development and fun, while also allowing players to be observed by McKinney North Stars' coaches in game settings.

18u Goalie Slots are full.  To be added onto the waitlist or to potentially be accommodated in individual sessions, please contact Coach Ruskowski (

10u Goalie Slots are full. To be added to the waitlist or to potentially be accommodated in individual sessions, please contact the 10u coaches. Thomas Joyce at and Jeff Ramsay at

Other camp slots (skater and goalie) are also close to being sold out, so don't delay in registering. 

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Camp Details

The skill sessions will be run using the same training philosophy we use during the regular season for our practices.  This training methodology earned the North Stars USA Hockey Model Association status--we are the only such association in Texas.

For older players or those new to hockey, this camp may not be the right fit since it mainly consists of current or former travel hockey players with years of experience. Although we do not exclude such players, they may find other camps that include or are designed for newer players more beneficial for them.  Younger age group sessions are appropriate for any player who has played at least one season of hockey.

Type of Sessions

The 18u camp features 12 sessions (1 Group), which will combine skill development, small area games, and scrimmages.  The other age groups feature 8 skills sessions per group (Group 1 or Group 2), plus 3 half-ice games, and 3 full-ice games with referees. The full-ice and half-ice games are a combined session for the two groups in that age division.

The camp runs from June 15 to July 27.  All sessions are at the McKinney Children's Health StarCenter.  

10u, 12u, 14u & 16u Groups

We are planning for two camp groups each for the  10u, 12u, 14u and 16u groups, although they may be combined into one session depending upon registration numbers.  Players will be assigned to a specific group within the age division by the coaches. The sessions for a specific age group are on the same weekday evening. 

The sessions run between June 15th and July 31.


The club has expanded its offering for goalies. The camp/showcase features a total of 7 goalie-only sessions. The goalie-only sessions are broken down into sessions for 10u-12u goalies and 14u-18u goalies. Goalie sessions will be run by the club's Director of Goalie Development.

In addition, goalies may, and are encouraged to, participate in the skater skill development sessions and games.


Please click the camp schedule at the top of this page for the full schedule for each age group and position. 

8u Players

We are sorry, but given that our program includes full ice games that are not ADM compliant, we cannot allow players born in 2012 or later to participate. 

The cost of the camp is:

18u Skaters and Goalies - $299

16u, 14u, 12u & 10u skaters - $399

16u, 14u, 12u and 10u Goalies - $319

Space Is Limited


Given the unique situation with camp this year, we will not be providing camp jerseys.  Players should bring their own jerseys to the camp. 


Refunds will not be given, except in very limited situations outside the control of the registering person (death, serious illness, etc.).   Given that there is a limit on the number of spots available for the camp, the club is not in the position to refund registrations since another players will be denied a spot in the camp once an age group is full.  Deciding later that you do not want to do the camp (or that you desire to do another camp) is not sufficient reason for a refund to be given. So, please make sure you are committed to the camp before registering. 

An exception to this refund policy exists if a player is diagnosed as having COVID-19, if a player has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or if player has any symptoms that may indicate he or she has COVID-19.  In those situations, such players should remain home and not participate in the camp. Under such situations, the McKinney North Stars will work with the family to provide a fair refund based upon the pro-rated portion of camp required to be missed by the player for these reasons. 

Please direct questions regarding the camp to Jim Outman at


Although the McKinney North Stars Spring Camp will move forward based upon state and local guidelines allowing it to operate, please note that a highly infectious disease (COVID-19) continues to circulate within the state and local communities.  Although additional safety precautions will be taken by the rink and the McKinney North Stars Hockey Club, there is no way for the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other infectious diseases to be eliminated, in particular during participation in sporting events and group activities, such as those occurring in sport camps.  Such exposure can lead to serious illness and death, including to others not participating. 

Individuals at high risk, as described by the CDC and governmental authorities, or those in close proximity to individuals at high risk from COVID-19 should not participate in the camp.  Individuals will remain eligible to be selected for a McKinney North Stars 2020-21 team even if they are not eligible to participate in the camp.  If you do not believe you can participate in the camp safely, do not register for the camp. 

All participants and their guests will be expected to follow specific rules and guidelines designed to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease, including social distancing and the wearing of masks off the ice if required by the rink. 

No one will be allowed to participate in the camp unless they assume all such risks of exposure, as set out in the waiver/release included in the registration form.